About Us

We are an Estonia-based start-up with a team of worldwide talents who are passionate about helping solve your business problems with efficiency and style.

Hi, we're ievAbi.

ievAbi stands for International Executive Virtual Help - Abi in Estonian.

ievAbi began to offer services that came to be highly sought-after by busy executives and entrepreneurs worldwide in less than a year of its incorporation. The company was founded by a woman with extensive experience as an operations manager, entrepreneur, virtual assistant, and headhunter.


ievAbi offers an innovative solution to the problem of matching qualified, experienced virtual assistants and online managers to their clients. With over 9 years of collective experience, our team has the acumen to solve business problems and tango with administrative leaders. You can have peace of mind knowing we’re there when you need us, and we never stop at good enough.

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Why Choose ievAbi?

Because probably just like you, we are hustlers. ​We like to HUSTLE to achieve goals. ​

Key Industries

Is ievAbi the right one for you?

We believe every business has the potential to grow, be profitable, and seamlessly run with efficiency. We live for the WOW moment when you realize what you thought was your dream was only the beginning. We handle the confusion of running an organization and keeping your business efficient by taking ownership of your operations, so you can focus on what’s important in your life!

We are a good fit for:

Ambitious executives, founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners of start-ups and small-mid-size businesses.

We are a good fit for:

Industries we’ve collectively worked in:

Software & Technology

E-learning & Coaching

e-Residency Service Providers

Mental & Emotional Network

Fitness & Health

Digital & Affiliate Marketing

Finance & Investment

Non-Profit Organization